I am a quiet creative girl. A certifiable introvert. I was born to create. I am a maker of many things. It's too hard to pick just one :-) Unfortunately, I have often allowed my introverted personality to hinder me from sharing my work. That stops here.

With that being said, I must recognize and affirm that I am a women first, who is so incredibly passionate about women reclaiming their femininity. We are born creators. I mean, come on... we have the biological, physical, and mental faculties to create life in our bodies! That thought alone is incredible and honestly it scares me at times; just thinking about the power we posses. Yet often, we forget it is exists, or worse, don't even know it's there.

So much of who we are as women stems from creating and innovating.

So, I wanted to create a space not only for me to share my work, but for other young women to share their creative journeys and connect as well.

This is a space for quiet girls who struggle with letting their voices be heard.

This is a space for connecting creative women; regaining our creative nature.

This is a space to reclaim femininity.

A little about me...

I'm an artist. It has taken me quite some time to come to this conclusion and accept this fate and claim it as my own.

I am a creative person. I create objects with love, with my soul, with my hands to give to to you in hopes of making your day just a little bit happier. Because of this I am an artist.

I am a jeweler. I am a painter. I am a budding photographer of unexpectedly beautiful images; mostly of nature. I am a writer who believes in the importance of sharing our story. And I am always up for experimenting and trying different artistic mediums.

I am a lover of beauty in the unfamiliar and I intend to document it artistically in any way that seems fitting at the time.


Because I love lists...

  • I recently cut off all of my hair!
  • I am  new vegetarian
  • I love animals, but cats have a special place in my heart
  • cooking
  • I need to be in nature at least once a day
  • I enjoy a good glass of red wine
  • You can always find me with a good book